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809 Smelter Ave NW
Great Falls, Mt, 59404
United States


A new re-start for Great Falls.  Christ Community is dedicated to gospel- and grace-centered ministry based firmly on the authority of scripture for all of life and doctrine.  Following the leading of the Holy Spirit we seek to be an outreaching, authentic community of Christ-followers.


How to Check us out?


We know it can be so hard for many of us to come into a new group to check out what they are like.  We all have so many questions!

What will they be like?  How will I know if they are being truthful about who they are?  Will they like me?  What should I wear to fit in?  How will they help take care of my children?  I have not been the church in years, will they accept me as I am?  I'm not so sure about this church thing or what the gospel is all about.  Is that ok?

Please know that this is a safe place for you and your family.  

We aim to be real.  We confess when we are not.  We don't have it all together and we don't expect anyone else to have it all together.  Come as you are.  Engage us in community if you wish.  Come to only experience and listen if you want.  

Our goal in all of our ministries is to bring the gospel of grace to bear on our real lives.  We work hard to make it possible for all to do so.  We know we all come from different places in life and we have different perspectives.  We not only think this is ok, but we encourage each of us to bring our perspectives into our community.  We often say that the most mature believer knows they need Jesus the most.  This undercuts pride and promotes authentic humility.  It also means that all of us acknowledge that we need a deeper walk of faith.  None of us "have arrived!"  We are all on a journey.  Trust us, you are not alone if you believe you have more questions than answers.

We do humbly invite you to come and check us out in person.  We meet at 10:30 AM on Sundays for worship and fellowship together.  We have a very active children's ministry that meets during the sermon time, so your kids will also be encouraged in an age-appropriate way to encounter the gospel.  We invite you to join us!  

That will it be like?

 We meet to worship Jesus, to pray, to hear God's Word, and to enjoy the community of others who are searching to know Jesus better.  This worship time is rather casual.  We have singing lead by guitars and a growing team of worship leaders.  If you have a bible, you might want to bring it or make sure you have it on a phone app.  Pastor Greg teaches straight from the bible and through biblical books.  You will find that these messages match exactly where you are in life.  The pastor has a gift for bringing God's word to life and applying it.   Our worship time is over by 11:45.  

While we are still working out all the details of having a top-notch nursery, we do have childcare provided for the young ones, and we have a weekly children's church that provides age appropriate teaching for kids age 4-12.  We are thankful that God has blessed us with lots of children from every age group.

We believe you will be welcomed when you join us!  We also promise that we will not "chase you down" but we are dedicated to allowing everyone to "be in process." 



 We also love to eat together!  This is a picture from our Fall Festival.  We had great activities for the kids upstairs and outside while the adults enjoyed getting to know one another.

We also love to eat together!  This is a picture from our Fall Festival.  We had great activities for the kids upstairs and outside while the adults enjoyed getting to know one another.