At Christ Community, we don't believe in guilt-tripping people into doing anything.  We don't want to manipulate folks.  We don't want to "guilt" someone into serving and we sure don't want to "guilt" someone into giving.

Instead, we want to be a place where each of us can encounter the Living God.  We want to be a place where Jesus can speak in His still, small voice to lead us into deeper fellowship with Himself and with others.  We want to be a place where the Holy Spirit works to draw us "further up and further in" (to quote C.S. Lewis in the Chronicles of Narnia).

What does this mean on a practical level?

First and foremost, we don't collect an offering at Christ Community.  We know from talking to many exploring the faith, and even from some who have trusted in Jesus for years, passing the plate causes guilt.  Not the godly "guilt" of conviction by the Holy Spirit, but a short-term, worldly guilt that causes us to open our wallet, give $10, and then be mad later because we gave away our lunch money!  We believe such giving is unhealthy for all involved.

So, how do we fund our ministry?  We ask those committed to our ministry to give systematically, generously, and joyfully to the work of the Lord.  We know that Jesus talked about money more than any other subject.  Why would He do that?  Because our use of money illustrates very clearly the condition of our heart.  When we trust in Jesus, we will want to see His name exalted and we will give of ourselves- our time, our treasures, and our talents- to help the whole world to know that Jesus is Lord.

In keeping with these ideas and ideals, we have an offering box beside the main doors for those committed to our ministry at Christ Community to give.  We ask that you prayerfully and systematically give generously and joyfully.  

We also have partnered with to give those committed to supporting the ministry of Christ Community an on-line option for giving.  It is amazingly simple to set up and use.  By going through your app store, download the app and enter your account information for giving.  Pick our church as your church and the money is sent directly to us.  

If the Lord is leading you to give to Christ Community to support our gospel-centered ministry, you can use the following direct link to

Click Here To Give giving app on    iPhone  or    Android

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