Growing Together

Christ Community is so much more than Sunday mornings!  We believe walking with Jesus is a 24/7 deal.  We need each other and we need authentic community.  

How do we promote authentic community?  

We have different sort of small groups and ministry opportunities.  We believe that nothing expresses the power and presence of the Holy Spirit like love expressing itself through community.  We live in a time and age of great stress and busyness.  We also live in an age where true friendship and deep relationships are often missing.  At Christ Community, we seek to be a place and a space where true friendships can flourish.  We are a place where it is safe to try new things.  We aim to be that community all of us need and desire- a place where grace and hope are found.  How does this work out in our community?

1.)  We have monthly community groups that include all regular attenders.  Everyone is invited.  These community groups are places for getting to know one another, places where love and concern can be expressed.  They are also great groups to invite not-yet believers so they can experience authentic community.

2.)  Community through Growth Groups.  These topical groups meet around an interest to grow deeper by gathering to study and pray together.  Growth groups are great ways to get to know others and to grow deeper in the gospel!

3.)  Community through Mission.  We believe that nothing helps one to grow more than serving others.  This message is so contrary to our culture!  Our culture teaches us that everything is about us.  We are consumers that need to be satisfied.  The gospel is about setting aside our concern for ourselves to grow in trust and dependence upon Jesus and love for others.  There is no better way to grow than to serve, and there is no better way to serve than to do it with others!  Christ Community is a place were we engage in being the hands and feet of Jesus taking the gospel to others. 

Upcoming Ministries and Opportunities

We have growth groups that begin almost every month.  

We encourage members of our community to follow their God-given passions to teach and lead us deeper into grace.  An example of this is one of our members is teaching a sign-language class that was taught on Thursday afternoons.  Another example is a walking exercise class that met on Tuesday mornings at 8:30.  

We also have a community garden at Christ Community.  This past year, we had folks from the community at large join with several from Christ Community to begin a community garden.  Our Grace Garden spots are available at a first-come, first-served basis.  Our regular "farmers" developed a solid community.

What else?  We are open to God's leading.  Maybe you will bring some gifts, talents, and passions that we need as a community.


If you love playing in the dirt, we might be the church for you!

If you love playing in the dirt, we might be the church for you!